Best ducted air conditioning in 2024

Updated 15.12.2024

For owners of large houses with three bedrooms or more, the installation of a ducted air conditioner would be a better option. And if the house has more than one floor, then the ducted air conditioner will significantly reduce the cost of cooling or heating the premises. In addition, the air ducts hidden in the walls will not spoil the interior.

Unlike traditional split systems, when a separate wall unit hangs in each room. If you use a reverse duct air conditioner, you can additionally save on heating equipment in winter.

What is a ducted air conditioner?

The ducted air conditioning system works through a series of ducts connected to one unit, which is installed either on the roof or under the floor of the house. There are air ducts in each room and have individual controls. Therefore, you can set different temperatures in different rooms.

The easiest way to design a ducted air conditioner is at the stage of building a house. But nothing is impossible. If your house has already been completed, you can also install a ducted air conditioning system in it. However, this will likely lead to an increase in installation costs.

Pros of a ducted air conditioner

Compared to other types of air conditioners, you will get the following benefits:

  • Discreet installation: only the controller and grilles are visible inside the house.
  • You can choose the place where to install the outdoor unit with the compressor: most often, we recommend placing it on the roof or under the floor.
  • The flexibility to cool or heat every room in your home is possible thanks to zone control. You can also turn off the air conditioner in rooms where it is temporarily not needed to maximize energy efficiency.
  • There are many different energy efficiency systems available from different brands to choose from. Also, a specialist will easily select the optimal system power for you.

Ducted air conditioning installation cost

This is the main disadvantage of ducted air conditioners. If your house does not provide for the presence of air ducts, then the cost of installation increases by about 40%. Also, in some houses, it is impossible to place an air conditioner with an air duct due to lack of space. But this is a rare case. Usually, specialists can offer a good solution for the installation of the system.
The cost of work includes:

  • Assessment of your home by a specialist and selection of the system;
  • Installation of air ducts;
  • Placement of an outdoor unit with a compressor (usually, installing a unit under the floor is more expensive than on the roof);
  • Setting up air conditioning control for each room.
  • The average cost of installing a duct air conditioner is about $ 5000.

Regular costs after installing a ducted air conditioner

The legislation does not oblige manufacturers of ducted air conditioners to affix energy efficiency labels to products. Some brands still label three-phase and channel air conditioners. At the same time, all models admitted to the market must meet the minimum energy efficiency requirements.

The current minimum is 3.10 Annual Energy Efficiency Ratio (AEER) and/or Annual Performance Ratio (ACOP) for Australia.
A ducted air conditioner is a convenient but expensive type of air cooling. Its cost is up to $ 2 per hour (35 cents / kWh).

This compares to about 60 ° C for a split system. But you get more uniform cooling or heating, and precise control over every room in the house. If the house has more than 8 rooms, even when installing multi-split systems, you will have to hang at least two external compressors. In a ducted air conditioning systems, a single outdoor unit effectively handles a house of any size. Also, this type of air conditioner provides the quietest operation even at high power.

Reviews of popular models

Panasonic Ducted air conditioning

This model earned an overall rating of 3.9 from 17 user reviews. The cooling capacity ranges from 6 kW to 14 kW, and the possible heating capacity is 7 kW-16 kW. The cost ranges from $ 2900 to $ 4600.

  • 3.7 – heating/cooling rate;
  • 4.1 – build quality;
  • 3.1 – the price of money;
  • 4.3 – ease of use;
  • 4.0 – cleaning and care;
  • 3.4 – noise level.

Breezair Supercool Range

The overall rating based on 16 reviews was 3.9. The cooling capacity is between 8.1 kW and 15.1 kW. There is no reverse cycle (because of this, overall brand satisfaction has dropped). The cost ranges from $ 2500 – $ 5000.

  • 5.0 – heating/cooling rate;
  • 5.0 – build quality;
  • 5.0 – ease of use;
  • 5.0 – cleaning and care:
  • 5.0 – noise level.

Daikin FDYQN ducted air conditioning

Model earned 3.5 points based on 11 customer reviews. The cooling capacity is 7.1 kW to 23.5 kW. The heating power is 7.5 kW – 26.8 kW. The system price is $ 3200- $ 7400.

  • 4.4 – heating/cooling rate;
  • 3.4 – build quality;
  • 3.4 – the price of money;
  • 4.2 – ease of use;
  • 4.0 – cleaning and care;
  • 3.2 – noise level.

We make ratings of air conditioners based on the opinions of our customers on several criteria. The number of points is indicated out of 5.

To find out more detailed information about different models of duct air conditioners, consult a specialist.