Balmain Air Conditioning operates in the Balmain area so that every resident has the opportunity to receive the highest quality service. Our specialists are engaged in climatic equipment selection, installation, repair, and replacement. We offer detailed advice to each client. Customers can choose the ideal air conditioner in the website Shop section.

Our mission

We are opposed to old air conditioners. They use too much electricity, so their owners pay huge bills every month. New energy efficient models can help you cut your costs by 30-50%. Older devices do not have modern functions. With an old air conditioner, you won’t even be able to accurately adjust the temperature. The new climate technology has a scale with an accuracy of 0.5 degrees. Also, you can control the air conditioner through the mobile application while away from home.

Our advantages and brand history

The company’s history began over 10 years ago. It is a family business based on a love for air conditioning and a desire to make people’s lives more comfortable.
Our pluses:

  • Customer focus – we listen to each client and responsibly approach the solution of his or her problems.
  • Reliability – the company works only with proven air conditioners brands.
  • We offer very fast delivery.

To place an order, write or call us. A specialist will advise you free of charge on the technical characteristics, their properties, and prices. The technologist will come to your home at a convenient time to calculate the power and select the optimal air conditioner type.