The split system consists of two blocks. The outdoor unit contains a compressor that cools the air. If the system is reversible, then in the cold season the air conditioner can work as a heater. The indoor unit is smaller and quieter than the outdoor unit. Through special slots, closed by curtains, air from the interior of the split system is blown into the room.

Split air conditioning systems are an excellent choice for many. Split systems are most often chosen to create a comfortable microclimate in offices, hotel rooms, or small apartments. Air conditioners of this type are convenient because several indoor units can be connected to an external unit. This means that the temperature can be adjusted separately in each room.

We offer installation, warranty service, and repair of air conditioners. We will select the optimal model and power for you to meet your need for comfort. Our experts take into account all building criteria to make your life better.

Balmain Air conditioning

How we can help?

On the website of our company, as well as by phone during business hours, clients can receive detailed advice.

Our employees know everything about air conditioners. In our catalog, you will find only models of proven brands with an excellent and good rating. We will help you:

• Choose the type of air conditioner that suits your case;
• Calculate the required power;
• Choose the best places to install equipment;
• Install the air conditioner in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions;
• Perform preventive maintenance on the system regularly.

Why is a Split Wall Air Conditioning system better?

Wall-mounted or ductless systems are ideal for homes looking to reduce carbon emissions and energy costs. Such models do not take up space on the floor and you do not need to groove walls to install them. Also, a serious advantage of split systems is the lower price compared to ducted air conditioners. A properly sized filter improves indoor air quality by reducing dust.

Why should you trust us?

Our company has been operating in the Australian air conditioner market for over 10 years. We have become licensed dealers of the most popular manufacturers of climate control technology. We have experience in installing air conditioners in huge office and industrial buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals, residential buildings, and apartments.

Split Air Conditioning installations we do today

Installation begins by attaching the bracket to the indoor wall. It will hold the internal block of the split system. A hole must be made from the indoor unit to the external condenser. Both parts must be connected with electrical wiring. Drain lines will also be needed to remove moisture. The installer places all wires in a protective PVC conduit.

The next step is to attach the indoor unit, then the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit can be placed on a flat area, balcony, or attached to a bracket. The system must be grounded.


Our company is proud to be a specialized dealer of such well-established brands as Daikin, Fujitsu, Brivis.

We offer our customers ultra-modern air conditioners equipped with an energy-saving function. Inverter systems operate according to the following algorithm:

  • 1. The compressor runs at maximum speed in order to reach the set temperature as soon as possible;
  • 2. The motor does not turn off but goes into the slowest mode to maintain the selected temperature mode.

Also, new split systems can boast the presence of:

  • Sleep mode;
  • Quiet night mode;
  • Maximum or turbo mode;
  • Opportunities to program for several days in advance or to delay the inclusion of the device;
  • Detailed scale with the ability to select the temperature with an accuracy of 0.5 degrees;
  • Built-in dehumidifier or humidifier;
  • Antibacterial filters.

Some air conditioners can be controlled via Wi-Fi using a smartphone.


“The guys told me in detail about the benefits of each type of air conditioner. When I decided on the model, they quickly arrived and made the necessary calculations on the spot. The installation of the system was carried out quickly and accurately, they removed the dirt behind them. I am very pleased!”

— George R.

“Many thanks to the ABC AIR team for their attentive attitude and detailed advice! They waited patiently for me to choose a model and answered my questions in detail. The installers were prompt and polite. I recommend this company to all my friends!”

— Kyle M.