All electrical and mechanical appliances are subject to wear and tear, regardless of the brand and careful maintenance. And as modern technologies develop by day and night, the air conditioning industry offers better solutions to our needs than it did ten or fifteen years ago. And with global concern for the environment and electricity consumption, the latest models of HVAC systems are more energy-efficient, less harmful, and provide enhanced comfort.

Balmain Air Conditioning made its mission to replace old air conditioners that costs their owners high electricity bills and frequent repair expenses. Having started our family business more than ten years ago, we offer a whole specter of services regarding air conditioning.

Why you should consider replacing an old air conditioner

Today one of the most crucial factors for an air conditioning system is energy consumption. It is evident that living in the Australian climate, we have to cool our property most of the year. And in wintertime, it is also desirable to heat our homes and offices to feel comfortable indoors. Therefore if you use air conditioning year-round, it must be efficient in both ways in performance and energy saving. Unfortunately, old models can’t defeat more advanced systems in terms of energy efficiency and functioning; that is why replacing results in:

  • increased energy saving,
  • better cooling and heating,
  • decreased operating and repair costs.

If you need professional help or advice, we are prepared to provide all necessary information and vast experience in installing, servicing, and repairing various types of HVAC systems. Depending on the state of all components of the system, our technical specialists can either perform the total replacement of the system or replace only the malfunctioning machinery.

Like any dedicated professionals who love their job, we provide a friendly service at an affordable price. We value our reputation and will leave your property neat and tidy, cleaning up all the rubbish afterward.