All aircons installed by ABC AIR have 5 years warranty for all parts from the manufacturer and 4 years of installation warranty. This information is reflected on the website in the description of each climatic equipment model.

Warranty conditions

The company’s customers must follow some rules to gain full access to the warranty:

• The air conditioner must be installed by licensed employees of a company that specializes in HVAC technology. If the customer installs the air conditioner himself, he handles further malfunctions and repairs the system at his own expense.

• Install the air conditioning system under the manufacturer’s instructions. If the brand recommendations are violated, the HVAC equipment warranty does not apply.

• The owner is obliged to operate the air conditioner according to the instructions. If the system is used incorrectly, the buyer will also repair the product at his own expense.

What to do in the case of a warranty claim?

ABC AIR provides warranty service and repair of air conditioners. Also, our specialists offer clients detailed online consultations. We answer all questions by phone during business hours. If your air conditioner stops working or does not work as it used to, you need to:

• Contact the manufacturer and clarify the procedure. Each manufacturer’s number will be listed on the warranty form included with the purchased system.

• When making a warranty claim, the purchaser must show proof of purchase (tax invoice) to ABC AIR.