For a comfortable microclimate in your home or office, it is very important to choose the right air conditioner. The specialists of the Balmain Air Conditioning company help you choose the model and calculate the optimal power. In addition to technical characteristics, the key stage is competent equipment installation.

Our team is a licensed dealer for many well-established HVAC brands. Specifically Daikin and Fujitsu. We work in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Tim Forest, CEO

Domestic Air Conditioning

Our team installs all types of air conditioners: ducted, split, and mini-split systems, as well as window models. We install air conditioning equipment in private houses, townhouses, and apartments. Since the administration of the district or condominium may have specific requirements, we are attentive to the legal side of the issue.

Our experts mount indoor units on walls, ceilings, or windows. The outdoor unit can be mounted on a wall with a bracket, placed on a flat roof or balcony. Our experts are licensed electricians, so the equipment and installation are guaranteed for at least 5 years.

Commercial Air Conditioning

The BALMAIN AIR CONDITIONING team works with commercial projects of any complexity. We install air conditioners in production halls and shopping centers. Our experts offer the best engineering solutions for projects under construction or ready-made buildings. We offer power calculation and installation of complex ducted systems, wall-mounted air conditioners, and other options.

Installation Prices in Sydney Balmain (standart installation, terms and conditions apply):

  • Installation of inverter split systems with a capacity of 1.7-4.6 kW costs $750 including GST.
  • Inverter system 4.8 kW – 8.5 kW – $950 including GST.
  • Inverter system 9.0 kW – 10 kW – $1300 including GST.

To determine the cost of installing a ducted air conditioner, contact a BALMAIN AIR CONDITIONING. The occurrence of non-standard situations may entail additional costs:

  • New 20 and 25 amp power supply circuit for residential (up to 15 meters) – $ 400 including GST.
  • Electric cable over 15 meters – $ 10 per meter including VAT.
  • Copper pipe over 3 meters long – $ 55 per meter, including VAT and so on.

Air Conditioner Installation includes

The ideal option is to plan an air conditioning system in a building under construction. If you want to add air conditioning to your home design, we provide you with the necessary calculations and drawings. Our experts select the power and the location of the air ducts based on such parameters as:

  • Building area;
  • Rooms location and purpose;
  • Thickness and material of load-bearing walls and roofs;
  • Number of floors;
  • Height and number of windows and doors;
  • Climatic zone.

In most finished buildings, it is cheaper to install split systems than to gouge walls for a ducted air conditioner. Most often, blocks of split systems are installed end-to-end. If for some reason this is not possible, we select an exclusive solution for you. When it is necessary to carry the indoor and outdoor units far from each other, we are introducing additional pipelines.


What we do?

BALMAIN AIR CONDITIONING has been working for over 10 years to make our customers happy. We help you choose and install an air conditioner that meets all your needs! Properly selected and installed equipment work for more than 15 years. So that you do not need repairs for a long time. We carry out regular preventive and warranty maintenance.

Single storey homes

It seems that it is very easy to install an air conditioner in a one-story house. The situation changes significantly not only depending on the configuration of the building, but also on the requirements of the district administration. If the neighbors’ houses are located close to the client’s building, then he or she will definitely have strict restrictions on the maximum noise level. In the simplest cases, we recommend installing the split-system units close to the wall inside and outside. But sometimes you have to mount the outdoor unit on a flat roof or bracket.

Double storey homes

When installing the air conditioner on the second floor, it is easier to attach the outdoor unit to the roof. If there is no flat canopy or balcony, this installation method may incur additional costs for fasteners. There are often cases when, according to objective calculations, it is most convenient to place the indoor unit in the corner of the room. In this case, it is necessary to develop an individual plan for laying the pipeline between the indoor and outdoor units. We use similar solutions in High rise apartments.